Singing professionally, singing for the Lord or for your friends? Singing in a choir or as a soloist? There is a chance for Vaasan talented people to start or improve their vocal skills with the Romanian soprano Cleopatra David.

Cleopatra is a lyrical soprano with a large experience in teaching young people ans also singing as an opera singer and church singer. She started studying music in Romania, country that gave to the world famous musicians, such as Angela Gheorghiu, Virginia Zeani and Darclee. She is also a musicologist and got her PhD in 2010.

No, she will ot make you an opera singer! The principles of correct singing are basically the same, no matter what the style is. You will improve your vocal range, the voice resistance and you will be in better control of your body and voice.

Come and enjoy this experience between 24th and 28th of July in the beautiful town of Vaasa.

Contact details and register: Jukka Ritola,