About us/ Despre noi



We help our audience to discover their inner beauty through authentic cultural experiences.

Ajutăm oamenii să descopere frumusețea interioară prin experiențe culturale autentice.


We believe in the dignity and sincerity of art

Credem în demnitatea și sinceritatea artei


We offer cultural, spiritual and educational experiences for helping the members of our community to access the best qualities in themselves 

Oferim experiențe culturale, spirituale și educative pentru a ajuta membrii comunității să-și acceseze cele mai înalte calități interioare. 



  •  sincerity is the way to success/ sinceritatea este calea către succes
  •  you deserve the most refined cultural product
  •  discover and empower the truth in yourself 


"Artists have to raise the public eye to their standards of taste, and not to stoop down to the cheap demands of the public, thus surrendering their freedom. This can be done by contacting educational and social institutions by the enlightened artists. Through articles in magazines and newspapers, the ideas of such artists can be propagated. Through dramas, films and radio talks, people can be educated for the understanding of real art. Thus the dignity of art can be maintained.“

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi